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Published on 24th November 2018

Duotrope - a resource for tracking submissions and getting to know different markets (for a small fee), including average response times, acceptance rates, interviews with editors, etc.

The Submissions Grinder - a resource for tracking fiction and poetry submissions. Newer, less established, and fewer users than Duotrope, but completely open/no fee

The Review Review - a resource for getting to know lit mags 

Entropy Mag's Where To Submit - quarterly lists of presses, chapbook publishers, and lit mags open to submissions

Who Pays Writers? - a site where writers report who, how much, and when they were paid by magazines/ sites

Perpetual Folly - writing tips and annual rankings of lit mags 

Bookfox - writing tips and less-than-annual rankings of lit mags 

Catapult - offers online writing courses, in addition to their online lit mag

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